Abby Koenig

Abby Koenig is that mom that people say "I don't know how she does it all!" This is right before they notice that liquid is pouring from her purse because she didn't close a pickle jar tight enough before putting it in "said" purse. In reality, she does a lot of things, just not all that well. Those things include, being a professor of Communication Studies at the University of Houston - Downtown, while working towards her PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric, writing plays and stories and articles and performing one-woman shows, while hanging out with her twin toddlers, and also carrying open jars of pickles in her purse. 



  • Playwright: "Spaghetti Code" Winner of Best New Play in Houston, 2014, Broadway World, Finalist "Best New Play" Houston Press, 2015
  • Playwright: Various shorts and readings: Mildred's Umbrella, Big Head Productions, Wordsmyth Theatre, Pandora Theatre, Six of One Productions, BooTown Fringe Festival, Horse Head Theatre, Rec Room, Baby in the Corner (NY), Astoria Performing Arts (NY) Horse and Cart Productions (CO)
  • BooTown Read/Writer

Board Member (past/present)

  • BooTown

  • Horse Head Theatre

  • Rec Room