Endesha Haynes

Endesha Haynes is a writer and art appreciator from Houston, TX. While she has many hobbies and interests, writing and music seem to be the only two that have stuck around. When she’s not being a Co-host of Veer Queer she is usually out and about in Houston being cute and enjoying life. She is also a nap enthusiast that loves to astral project instead of taking care of responsibilities. When she is not crushingly overwhelmed after said responsibilities have caught up to her, she likes to ask and answer the pressing question “What am I doing with my life?” Hopefully this new venture into the podcast world will give her an answer, or at least put a band-aid on her everlasting existential dread.

She hopes to someday retire into a quaint forest as the local village witch but until then she has decided to devote her free time to our capitalist society to help pay her bills.


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