Joe Wozny

Joe Wozny is a musician and writer. He is not a sound artist. He’s written and performed for various Houston publications and alt-theater events. He performs improvised guitar music under his own name, is a side-man in more β€œidiomatic” bands, has performed with the Nameless Sound Ensemble, has composed music for Bootown and other theater companies, and performs songs under the name Nancy's Son. He is currently a 2018 Artist in Residence at the Rec Room. He is a home baker and might put you on the β€œloaf list.”

He's been featured on releases by Spencer Dobbs, gunctrl, Merel & Tony, Jandek, and others; his debut Nancy's Son CD is forthcoming in 2018; he currently co-curates Lean, Bleak, an ongoing experimental music concert series conceived for artists to perform in lean, bleak settings, meaning devoid of the the gratuitous excess of musical presentation. Filth!

He likes walking, which is why he has a podcast about walking now.

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