Episode 20: Spike Miller, Spooky Scary

Stand-up comedian Spike Miller joins us as we go down the SSPOOoooOOOoKY road of our favorite scary movies and why Roxxy and Brenda aren't allowed to go to haunted houses. (Because WEEEeeeEE PUuuuUuuunncCCHhh PeeEEooOOOople-OOOO!)


Music: Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

Episode 18: The Office - WE DECLARE BANKRUPTCY

In this hostful episode, Roxxy gives Brenda a crash course on the hit show The Office! Brenda relieves her Britsh version second-hand embarrassment. Roxxy loves Edris Elba. They both love Dwight.

This Sunday October 1st is our FIRST LIVE EPISODE OF NERD LOVE: CELEBRATING NARUTO! Proceeds will go to Harvey relief. Tickets are now on sell on www.tinyurl.com/mizuconhou

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Theme: The Office Vaporwave.

Episode 17: The Worst Dates... So Far

Bad dates, we've had a few but then again, sooo much to mention. Stand up comedian Albert DeLeon joins Brenda and Roxxy to talk about the worst dates, biggest mistakes, and the crappiest guys in recent Houston history, (lookin' at you Harvey)

MIZUCON  TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!  (Oct 1st at the Rec Room, Houston TX) The mini anime con proceeds are going to the Houston Food Bank and Harvey relief. 

Tickets are 10 dollars online and 15 at the door for ALL DAY PASSES. Go to www.mockingbirdnetwork.com/mizucon for more info!

Episode 16: The Good, The Bad, The Nerdy

Hurricane Harvey blew us off course but we're back! Brenda and Roxxy bring it in with all the good things (Batkid) to all the bad things (Nevada-tan) fandom has done. We're also proud to announce Mizucon on October 1st at Rec Room for Harvey relief, including a live recording of Nerd Love, stand-up, cosplay contest, donation drive and artist alley! 



SO MUCH SCREAMING! SO MUCH MUSCLE! SO MUCH TESTOSTEROOOOOOOOONE! DRAGON BALL Z. (Also, OG Dragon Ball) Brenda, Roxxy are joined by comedian and Space City Chronicle's Chuck Vaughn and Frankee Gold to talk about DBZ memories, how trips to Mexico made it real, and how death is meaningless... if you have 7 Dragon Balls.

Episode 14: Robin Williams Raised Us Right


Houston rapper (and Roxxy's Brother) Frankee Gold joins Roxxy and Brenda to wax nostalgic about the iconic Robin Williams and the hell we did with our siblings!

Episode 12: It's Just A Little Crush



Roxxy, Brenda, are joined again by Blackberri and Kathryn Way because we're talking about CRUSHES! That's right, from childhood to the VERY adult way we feel about fandoms and personal struggles, crushes make our world go round. Is there a fandom you have a crush on? Send us an email or comment on our facebook page and we'll talk about them too!

Episode 7B: Nostalgiarama with Antoine Culbreath

Maybe not a possum...?

Maybe not a possum...?

Antoine is back with Brenda and Roxxy! Brenda made the big times! The miracle that is Phil LaMarr, the Problem Child is a horror movie, and Sonic the Hedgehog can't seem to solve it's dystopian possum problem.

Episode 7A: Antoine Culbreath, Pirates of the Dark Water... ish


Comedian and Micro Satan member, Antoine Culbreath joins Brenda and Roxxy to talk about beautiful twisted animation of Pirates of the Dark Water, first crushes, and terrible jobs! Brenda loves David Krumholtz. Roxxy hates her old coworker. Antoine is not surprised by Burlington Coat Factory. We spent so much time with Antoine that this is our first two-parter!