Episode 13: Robin Williams Raised Us Right


Houston rapper (and Roxxy's Brother) Frankee Gold joins Roxxy and Brenda to wax nostalgic about the iconic Robin Williams and the hell we did with our siblings!

Episode 12: It's Just A Little Crush



Roxxy, Brenda, are joined again by Blackberri and Kathryn Way because we're talking about CRUSHES! That's right, from childhood to the VERY adult way we feel about fandoms and personal struggles, crushes make our world go round. Is there a fandom you have a crush on? Send us an email or comment on our facebook page and we'll talk about them too!

Episode 7B: Nostalgiarama with Antoine Culbreath

Maybe not a possum...?

Maybe not a possum...?

Antoine is back with Brenda and Roxxy! Brenda made the big times! The miracle that is Phil LaMarr, the Problem Child is a horror movie, and Sonic the Hedgehog can't seem to solve it's dystopian possum problem.

Episode 7A: Antoine Culbreath, Pirates of the Dark Water... ish


Comedian and Micro Satan member, Antoine Culbreath joins Brenda and Roxxy to talk about beautiful twisted animation of Pirates of the Dark Water, first crushes, and terrible jobs! Brenda loves David Krumholtz. Roxxy hates her old coworker. Antoine is not surprised by Burlington Coat Factory. We spent so much time with Antoine that this is our first two-parter!


Episode 4: Star Wars: Wookie Smells and Crappy Robots

May the 4th! Happy day, Jedi! Brenda and Roxxy get to the deep philosophical issues of Star Wars and- we're just kidding. Confused stares at the prequels, deep thought over Chewbaccas' hygiene regiment, and a look back at Samuel L. Jackson's light saber fashion choices.

Opening Music: Boogie Belgique - Hello Sinner

Closing Ookay - Star Wars

Episode 3: To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Nerd Love


Glitter, Spice, and everything nice covered in more glitter. Roxxy and Brenda talk girlie obsessions from Monster High to Moon Child by Anastasia (That High Light Tho), why they're exactly like other girls, and why that's awesome.

Hosts: Brenda Valdivia, Roxxy Haze

Producer: Brenda Valdivia

Music Opening: Glitter Girls by the Spectacular Fantastic used under Creative Commons

Closing: The Polish Ambassador

Episode 2: Disney, Tim Burton, and the POC Nerd Crash Course

Brenda and Roxxy are joined by David Alfred as they jump into Disney, Tim Burton, the WTF of Rent, and immediately dive deeper into fandom issues as a person of color. (It's way more fun than it sounds) Roxxy has a WOKE moment and Brenda's first love might be a drag queen

Music: Creative Commons Enthusiastic by Tours

Episode 1: New Co-Host Roxxy Haze! Sailor Sports Bra and Sailor Business Suit

Brenda Valdivia is joined by new co-host Roxxy Haze! WILL THESE TWO GEEK LADIES EVER GET ALONG? Yes! Immediately! Join us for the first love fest as Brenda and Roxxy get to know each other more and talk about growing up geek and learning to be a lady while loving Dragon Ball Z.

Hosts: Brenda Valdivia  and Roxxy Haze

Special Guest: David Alfred

Producer: Brenda Valdivia

Hosted on the Mocking Bird Network

Music: Zelda Melody Cover by Lindsey Stirling, Evangelion Theme Cover by New York Gospel Choir, Enthusiastic by Tours.

All music provided by fair use and creative commons rights. 

Episode 0: Intro to Fandom with Special Guest Cris Skelton

Brenda Valdivia is joined by actor, improvisor, and former comic book store manager Cris Skelton! Join us as we reminisce about what brought us into fandom and take the first step into the world of Nerd Love!

Live Readings this episode include:

A Trekkie's Tales by Paula Smith, Read by Laura Helmers

Ned Gayle Fanfiction by Ned Gayle, Read by Ned Gayle
Sex and the Post-Apocalyptic Prison Colony by Emily Whittmore, Read by Ruth Hirsch, Manda Mercy, Laura Helmers, Meredith Nudo, Ned Gayle, and Brenda Valdivia

Creative Commons Music:

Opening: Shiney Spaceship by 8-Bit Ninja

Sexy by Ben Sound

Silly Fun from Incompetech 

Equus by Spires that in the Sunset Rise