Episode 1: New Co-Host Roxxy Haze! Sailor Sports Bra and Sailor Business Suit

Brenda Valdivia is joined by new co-host Roxxy Haze! WILL THESE TWO GEEK LADIES EVER GET ALONG? Yes! Immediately! Join us for the first love fest as Brenda and Roxxy get to know each other more and talk about growing up geek and learning to be a lady while loving Dragon Ball Z.

Hosts: Brenda Valdivia  and Roxxy Haze

Special Guest: David Alfred

Producer: Brenda Valdivia

Hosted on the Mocking Bird Network

Music: Zelda Melody Cover by Lindsey Stirling, Evangelion Theme Cover by New York Gospel Choir, Enthusiastic by Tours.

All music provided by fair use and creative commons rights.