Episode 0: Intro to Fandom with Special Guest Cris Skelton

Brenda Valdivia is joined by actor, improvisor, and former comic book store manager Cris Skelton! Join us as we reminisce about what brought us into fandom and take the first step into the world of Nerd Love!

Live Readings this episode include:

A Trekkie's Tales by Paula Smith, Read by Laura Helmers

Ned Gayle Fanfiction by Ned Gayle, Read by Ned Gayle
Sex and the Post-Apocalyptic Prison Colony by Emily Whittmore, Read by Ruth Hirsch, Manda Mercy, Laura Helmers, Meredith Nudo, Ned Gayle, and Brenda Valdivia

Creative Commons Music:

Opening: Shiney Spaceship by 8-Bit Ninja

Sexy by Ben Sound

Silly Fun from Incompetech 

Equus by Spires that in the Sunset Rise