Season 1 Ep 5 - What About the Children?

I sit down with Sky to discuss parenting in a polycule. She lets us in on the magic of a healthy love life.

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Season 1 Ep 3 - We Still Need Feminism

Just because I’m polyamorous doesn’t mean I’m not privileged. Some unicorn laments and an inspiring installment of Nonmonogomous History w/ Kathryn Way.

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Season 1 Ep 1 - Facebook is My Life & Allia Potestas

Britt Vasicek cradles NonMonogamy like a soft, napping kitten. 

Catch up with Britt and listen to NonMonogamous History w/ Kathryn way on the first episode of the first official season (yeah, we're doing SEASONS now!). Get some advice you may never take.

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24: Interview w/ Internet Stranger

Britt sits down with a stranger that she met on the internet to discuss what is like to be Poly for them. It is a raw dive that exlpores the internet, job protection, and parenting.

23: Poly Saturation

Jonny and Britt define and unpack PolySaturation and offer some tips on how to be stressed out in a good way. It's a blessing to love love!

22: Introducing Kendall: Loving Fully

Kendall delves into stories about her experience with Polyamory, most of which weren't positive.She and Britt also take a walk down memory lane.

Introducing Sincerely Sky : Being Present

Introducing Sky : Being PresentBritt sits down with great friend and Polyamory couch Sincerely Sky to talk about the complexities of relationships and how to totally nail them.

Episode 20: Is It A White Thing?

Zach and Spike join me to discuss inclusivity in the community as they experience it. There's humor, tenderness, and a lot of love as we take on this big and sensitive topic.

Episode 18: Matamores

When there's all these people in the relationship, what do you call all of them? Well, here's one way we label people.

Episode 17: Relationship Transitions

Jon and Britt discuss the unique way Polyamourous relationships change and how it differs from monogamy in some pretty incredible ways.

Episode 16: Story Time : The Dominoe Break Ups

Zach Budd is a Poly Peer Discussion Fascilitator and bomb ass person. He sits down with Britt to talk about her favorite thing: Break Ups! Lots and lots of break ups.

Episode 15: NRE and ERE

Britt and Jon dive into New Relationships and Established Relationships, all their pros and cons, and how to enjoy BOTH. Or not enjoy them. Whatever.

Episode 13: Why Label It?

A loopy and tired Britt and Jonathon do a little exploration of labeling. Why do we even say we're polyamorous? What are the labels we find for ourselves? Liberating and constricting and utterly meaningless and incredibly important.

Episode 12: Spike Miller

Comedian and great person Spike Miller joins Britt to discuss the "coin system," cohabitating, and boundaries. They get pretty wild and "talk crazy" about comedy and love. 

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Opening: Before I Sleep by Muciojad

Closing: Happi y Pheelia En Peh


Story Time : The Back to Back Break Ups

Britt opens up to her life coach Jonathan Walker about a few consecutive break ups and makes the whole story without crying. Can we date mono people? Can Britt find love? Why are we doing this?

Episode 10: The Perfect Poly Person

Host Britt Vasicek and life coach Jonathan Walker explore “The Perfect Poly Person” to ultimately find out that this person does not exist. They talk a little smack about smack talkers and get preachy.