Episode 7: Kyran Walker

In this episode Britt delves into a complex and magical world with her bigender guest and good friend Kyran Walker. They talk gender, boundaries, and true polyamorous love without sugar coating a single second of it.


Episode 6: Aren’t You Just Sleeping Around?

In this episode Britt Vasicek sits down with Jonathan Walker to discuss the 2nd most commonly asked question we receive: Isn’t it just sex? Well, not that it’s any of your business, but not exactly.

Episode 5: Don’t You Get Jealous?

In this episode, Britt Vasicek sits down with Jonathan Walker to discuss the most commonly asked question that we receive: Don’t you get jealous? The short answer is yes. The long answer is much more interesting.

Episode 4: Myq Kaplan

Myq Kaplan is a hilarious comedian who's comedy special on Netflix, Small, Dork, and Handsome and podcast Hang Out with Me has drawn hard laughs and well deserved following. Myq's joins Britt Vasicek to discuss being polyamorous and rediscovering singlehood. 

Check out Myq Kaplan on Sunday, November 6, 2016 at 8pm at The Secret Group, Houston TX

Host: Britt Vasicek

Producer: Brenda Valdivia

Special thanks to the Houston Polyamory Organization for your support and sponsorship!

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