Rahul Rao

Rahul Rao is a writer of poetry. This whole comedy thing is very new to him, and yet, more people have recognized him from his comedic enterprises that it makes him wonder how things ended up this way. Besides being a known MicroSatan affiliate, he has also been featured in a few shows, Good Evening with Conner and Billy, Blanket Fort Stand Up, The Stacks, Heaven Hell or Houston, as well as working with BOOTOWN occasionally for their monthly shows Neo Benshi and Grown Up Story Time.

HOWEVER! Rahul is still an artsy fartsy elitist, and doesn't know any other way to live, which is why he does a podcast called "Let's Compare Notes!", a music analysis and discussion podcast where Rahul gets his comedic (and sometimes non-comedic) friends to talk about the music they love while he tries to keep his opinionated self in check. Being that Rahul is one of those loosey-goosey types, he isn't particularly consistent in his release schedule, but check in every once in a while and there will be new episodes for you!



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