Ku Egenti

Our favorite African serenades us, and we can't take our eyes off of HIM! Stacey admits she wanted to be an Alvin stripper until just a few years ago. Also, did you know that if you want an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face, Corpus Christi is a pretty good place to start? Black Strip clubs vs white strip clubs and TRU LUV.

Episode 57: Nadia Al-Khalifah

Stacey and Hoja talk with local feminist facebooker Nadia. We talk a little about casual sex, what porn does to men, and a LOT about reality tv. Check out Tulips zine to see what all her fuss is about. Listen! Rate! Review!

Episode 56: Scabz the Clown & Van Wilde

There are four people in the house this time around, our friends Scabz and Van are here to discuss sword baes, stapling things to body parts and the natural aging process of testicles. Who knew balls were the new boobs?!

Episode 55: Matthew Kelly Debbaut

Matthew Kelly Debbaut is the guy who Hoja and Stacey have a crush on but are too afraid to admit it. We talk being good at sex and when to just stay friends.

Episode 54: Katie Stone

The gals join their cool girlfriend Katie Stone in Austin. Things get sorta controversial about dating in your community. Who is right and who is wrong, is Stacey doing a bit? You decide.

Episode 52: Radu Bondar

Radu Bondar is the newest nice boy of comedy that Stacey and Hoja are obsessed with. We talk being an immigrant, we talk white girls, and we talk guns. Listen and enjoy! A rate and review for your girls never hurt anyone either!!

Episode 51: In the Vault

A lost episode!! The girls go inside Domina Shannons sexxxy dungeon to see the inside world of BDSM. Stacey gets electrocuted while Hoja watches. Get weird!

Episode 50: Sam Gordon

Hotlantas best stand up came to town just to be on the pod with Stacey and Hoja. Sam Gordon is the hottest and funniest woman we have met in the last month, and trust us we love to rank women! We talk love and dating and the usual touchy-feely stuff after a mimosa-fueled brunch. enjoy!! We love you!

Episode 49: Catherine Cohen LIVE

Houstonian turned New Yorker Catherine Cohen joins Stacey and Hoja for a LIVE show! Anal, fat sex, and even rejection gets covered. The audience asked questions and the answers went beyond their wildest imagination!

Episode 47: Blackberri

Houston has the most magical bearded drag queen and her name is Blackberri. We got to chat with her about her quick rise to fame and what its like have old straight men try to sex you up.

Episode 46: Katie Heim

Feminist hero and all around badass Katie Heim joins the girls to talk about pussy power. Does she admit to drinking a body fluid? Listen in, find out, also Hoja weeps uncontrollably several times throughout the episode.