Episode 45: Regular Dude Report


Jake and Brad are as lovable as Stacey and Hoja in this episode. The girls and the boys go head to head on sexting, dirty talk, and is true love real. They are our new boyfriends, wish us happiness!!! We love you!

Episode 44: Ryan Leach

This week we are joined by Story Hole creator Ryan Leach, legendary gay icon in Houston. We talk about all things anal and really bring it down with AIDS. Listen in and enjoy, WE LOVE YOU!

Episode 42: Greg Cote

Musician, friend of women, and Pretty Great Guy, Greg Cote hangs with us! What's the secret of hanging with cool women? Medically correct sex talk? Embracing "Dude Talk"? LISTENING?!

Episode 41: Katy Manning

Improv comedy superstar Katy Manning joins Stacey and Hoja to chat about sexual transmitted diseases and politics! To support low cost STI testing and more information go to Planned Parenthood.

Hosts: Stacey Daniels and Hoja Lopez

Producer: Alex Oriani and Brenda Valdivia

Hosted on MockingBirdNetwork.com


Episode 38: Cass Tooke

The beautiful, ethereal Spooky Summer Camp counselor, movie director, and comedian, Cass Tooke, joins Stacey and Hoja! Bring out the sage and cleanse the house! We cover scary dark web spirits, unbinding spells, eye of newt, and picking up your underwear off the floor! Remember to rate and revieeeewwoOOOoO!!!

Episode 37: Kendall Seymour

Stacey, Hoja, and their guest have one big question. What kind of person does Kendall Seymour want to be... other than Hoja?! At twenty-one Kendall has gone further at knowing than most.

Episode 36: Lindsay Rae Burleson

Lindsay Rae Burleson, co-director of Houston's BooTown and Beverage Director of Grand Prize joins Stacey and Hoja to talk about secret tattoos, secret whiskey recipes, and the secret to not getting kicked out of a bar (Answer: Don't be an jerk).

Episode 35: Albert DeLeon

Stacey and Hoja are hanging out with stand-up comedian Albert DeLeon! What's the age for the best sex? Are older ladies the best ladies? And did sex destroy Alber's comedy career?! All this and more!

Episode 34: Katy Parr

Stacey was a sad sack in this episode. Katy Parr joins to give guidance on being in long term relationships while still maintaining your individual goddesses. Hoja and Stacey are excited to share with you a woman you might not know by name, but you will definitely enjoy her conversation! Rate and Review on iTunes for a special treat, we promise!!!!

Episode 33: Ryan McGee

Stacey and Hoja hang out with Ryan McGee from Ryans Crush Corner podcast for this episode. Is dating a numbers game? What happens when some numbers get too high? It might bee a bit heavy on self-reflection and advice, but it's fun to listen to for sure. We love Ryan and we kinda have our own crush on him now! Rate and review us on iTunes and we might spank ya :)

Hosts: Stacey Daniels, Hoja Lopez

Guest: Ryan McGee

Producer: Brenda Valdivia

Episode 32: Stephanie Wittels Wachs


Stephanie Wittels Wachs is the co-creator of Rec Room HTX, beautiful host of the Hands Off Parents podcast, and a general badass who gives the girls all the space in the world to do they silly comedy they love to do. She is also a mom. (But like a cool mom, not a regular mom, even though she won't buy us beer.) We talk about married mom sex!!! Rate and review on iTunes for a special sexy treat from us!!

Episode 31: Ned Gayle

Happy Valentine's Day, you beautiful angel babies!
Our Ladies of Sexy Jokes, Stacey and Hoja, are joined by Ned Gayle, comedian, co-host on The Stacks and Honey, I Shrunk the Binge, and the cute one in Micro Satan. This week we cover election date night and the thin line of being liked too much by our partner's parents.

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Episode 30: Post Modern Sleaze (PMS)

Post Modern Sleaze aka PMS is a magical unicorn with a ton of grit. Born and raised on an Indian reservation, PMS talks about her upbringing, the concept of the third gender and how to cope with having a HOT ASS BOYFRIEND who loves cats as much as her!!

Hosts: Stacey Daniels and Hoja Lopez

Guest: Post Modern Sleaze (PMS)

Producer: Alex Oriani

Hosted on the Mocking Bird Network

Episode 29: Mona Malone

Mona Malone is a magical unicorn, Moth winner that writes regular (amazeballs) stories for Bootown's Grown Up Story Time. Listen in as we talk about sex, love and broken pussy. Hell hath no fury like a woman horned!

Episode 28: Lucas Gorham


Bi-coastal artist, musician, and bopper avoider, Lucas Gorham is in it with Stacey and Hoja about make or break bantering, feedback loops, and we are all waaay hotter in real life.

Hosts: Stacey Daniel and Hoja Lopez

Producer: Alex Oriani

Hosted on the Mocking Bird Network

Episode 27: Mycal Dédé


Comedian, buff dude, and TrillXDaddy Mycal Dédé sits in with us to talk about bumbling, passion versus trashin', and flirty parents. Listen, rate, review and show us some love!
Host: Stacey Daniels and Hoja Lopez

Guest: Mycal Dédé
Producer: Brenda Valdivia
Hosted on the Mocking Bird Network

Episode 26: Roxxy Haze


Roxxy Haze, Comedian, Social Media Hustler, and Cosplayer, joins Stacey and Hoja to talk about comedy, kids, and that good d. Find Roxxy on twitter @iamroxxyhaze Stacey and Hoja also talk about aggressive b-hole demos. Check it out! (The episode, not the b-hole)

Host: Stacey Daniels and Hoja Lopez

Guest: Roxxy Haze

Producer: Brenda Valdivia

Hosted on the Mocking Bird Network