Episode 5: Waiting for the Bass to Drop

Recorded the day after the election, Justin and Bob invite Greg Deal, Joe Folladori, and Brenda Valdivia to just. You know. We're all here for each other in this dark time.

Holy Shit. Okay. Guys. Fuck.

Episode 4: Drunk Force Overshare Talking Hour

Plano and cockfighting! Chad Chamberlain, Troy Gittings, and Chealsie Summers from the Blunt Force Comedy Tour! Night in the Rutz! Aerosmith talk! War veterans! Nothing else! Stories of failure and redemption! 

Episode 3: America's Got These Guys with Danny Palumbo and Aaron Brooks

Danny Palumbo and Aaron Brooks are two of Austin's most successful and well-loved comedians. They've traveled the country featuring for big, famous, viable comedians like Andy Kindler and Kurt Braunohler. Aaron shares nightmare comedy experiences from his life on the road and Danny talks about getting booed off the stage and summarily rejected by the judges of America's Got Talent.

Hosts: Bob Morissey and Justin Blandford

Episode 1: The Legend of Pharticus

On this, the first official, episode of Ruined Hopes (still not sure if that's the title) we talk with three special guests: M.K. Paulsen, Kerri Lendo, and Martha Kelly (from TV)! We discuss things that we most likely would have rather have forgotten about doing comedy. Bob Morrissey shared a set on the pilot episode, so Justin Blandford shares one this time, and we hear M.K. really go for it.