Ruth Hirsch

Ruth Hirsch isn’t sure what to call herself. Comic? Improviser? Noodle-armed tall drink of water? Whatever it is, she likes to be funny doing it. You can catch her throughout the month performing with improv troupes Discharged and Magical Lying Hour, in MicroSatan’s monthly show: Good Evening with Conner and Billy, and of course, as a co-host of The Stacks podcast. Also, if you follow her on Instagram, you can see her dog Mimi. A lot.

Ruth began performing regularly after taking improv classes at Station Theater in 2013. Since then, she’s become a co-host of The Stacks podcast, a member of Houston-based comedy art collective MicroSatan, collaborated with BooTown, regularly performed at BETA Theater and appeared at the 2016 Del Close Marathon in New York City.  


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