7.5.16 It’s Hot in Those Suits (Mascot FMK)

The boys get real weird here. Like, new depths. Essentially, if you want to know which mascots really get Josh’s engine revving, this is the episode is for you.  I love you, Buffalo Bell.

5.23.16 La Justicia es Cara, Estadios Tambien

Eric Aybar chokes on bones, Johnny Cueto is delightful, the Rangers want a new stadium, Daniel brushes up on his Spanish, and Josh invents grease fire-based HVAC. It was a pretty productive week for Throwing Junk.

5.17.16 The Anatomy of a Baseball Fight


The boys Zapruder the heck out of Jose Bautista and Rougned Odor and take you back to the origin of that widely talked-about dustup between the Rangers and Blue Jays.

They also dive into the sci-fi vs. fantasy debate, New Orleans, and Curt Schilling’s racist ass.

Back and to the left.

5.9.16 The Crux of the Nub

Episode 2 is here! Now featuring structure!

Today, the boys talked about Jose Altuve, ghost hunting, Buffs Stadium, walk-up music, and Hungarian coal riots, confused Alanis Morissette with Sheryl Crow, and tried to come up with a mascot for the podcast. It’s pretty solid, altogether.

Our intro music, which we could not remember, is “Keg Baseball” by Centz.

Also, as it turns out, Levi Walker, Jr. is in fact a Native American. Our apologies.