Episode 9: Two Cents on Consent

It's Valentine's Day, and maybe you have cute plans! Bee, Endy & Mai sit down with Britt Vasicek, who hosts Poly Wanna Podcast.

Episode 8: New Year, New Queer

The Veer Queer crew is back and gearing up for the upcoming season. Bee, Endy, and Mai talk about what they've been up to over the break, and what's to come.

Episode 7: And We're LIVE! Zine Fest, Pt. 2

In this season finale, the Veer Queer crew attends Zine Fest Houston to host a live show! We interview one of the festival organizers and chat with some local artists to talk about their work at ZFH.

Episode 6: Extra, Extra! Do-It-Yourself! Zine Fest, Pt. 1

The annual Zine Fest Houston festival is right around the corner! In this episode, S Rodriguez and Sara Balabanlilar of Paraspace Books sit down with Veer Queer about their sci-fi pop-up bookstore, and where they both see it in the future. Nick Stinson also gives a sneak peak of his next issue of Daddy Issues, a zine that aims to bring people together through personal ads.

Episode 5: Hey Now, You're A Gold Star, Graham Maio!

Mai, Endy and Bee hash it out with special guest Graham Maio on queer representation in the media, and the lack of it. Graham also talks about his play, "The Man Who Failed America", which is based on the Michael Johnson case and why he uses it to bring back the conversation about HIV/AIDS in the black gay community.

Episode 4: When You're Queer, You're Family

Anna Garza with Girls Rock Camp Houston and Hatch Youth at The Montrose Center sits down with Veer Queer about why it’s so necessary for LGBTQ+ youth of color to have a safe and supportive space.

Episode 3: UnDACAmented & Unafraid

The recent DACA accouncement and the temporary block on SB4 will impact the undocumented community of nearly 1.5 million in Texas. This week, Yunuen Alvarado with University Leadership Initiative joins Veer Queer on what it all means, and what's to come.

Episode 2: Shiver Me (Why Does) Tinder (Suck)

Since Hurricane Harvey left devastating effects on communities all across southeast Texas, the Veer Queer crew attends a local event where all the donations went to Avenue CDC, an organization with a mission to build affordable housing and will serve the neighborhoods affected in their area by the disaster. Julien, Endy, and Mai also sit down with trans porn starlet Valetina Mia, who dives into her own dating woes and deconstructs the stigma surrounding sex work.

Episode 1: Get Out 'n Stay Out

Coming out, especially when you live in the South, can be hard. What do you do when you’re trying to come out to your parents? In the workplace? Is there ever a time where you never stop coming out? And will Julien ever stop getting so nervous while she’s being recorded? In this pilot episode, get to know the Veer Queer hosts’ and their coming out stories, and how they navigate with living in their identities.