Episode 5: Giant Chicken Trump

Daniel J. Cohen hosts this episode β€” joined by Brenda Valdivia and Abhinav Kumar. The 610 News team looks at: the Astros' championship, the 2017 election results,  the death of the Houston Press print edition, drafting Daniel Cohen to run for TX Governor in 2018, the to-be-determined fate of a young undocumented girl with cerebral palsy, the awful San Antonio church shooting, Colin Kaepernick as QB for Houston Texans, and the Trump tax plan. 

Episode 4: Of Manholes and Men

Abhinav Kumar hosts this episode of 610 News! Joined by Daniel Cohen, Evan O'Neil, and Brenda Valdivia.

This weeks episode covers the upcoming 2017 election propositions, traumatic charity stories, sports and a special interview with a guy from... NEW YORK CITY?!


Episode 3: Bond, Municipal Bond

610 News is hosted by Durrel Douglas. Bonds are a pile of money we decide on, Wanda Adams hooks herself up, Gerry Monroe is scary in a party hat, the Russians are coming, and more!
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Durrel and Daniel discuss the highs and lows of Gloves Off! District 9 HISD debate. Evan reports on the most dangerous intersection in the nation (take a guess as to whether we made the list), the sad status of Tigers and Aquariums, and Brenda wonders if Houston know a Pedobear when they see one.
Special Guest, Will Chadford joins us to discuss... Well, just check it out.
Hosts: Brenda Valdivia, Durrel Douglas, Abhinav Kuma, Daniel Cohen, Evan O'Neil.

Bonus Episode! HISD District 9 Debate with Durrel Douglas

This is a live, unedited recording of β€œGloves Off: HISD District IX Trustee Race” debate sponsored by the Forward Times, at the Sunnyside Multiservice Center on October 4th at 6:30PM.  hosted by Durrel Douglas. The three debaters are Dr. Karla Brown and Gerry Monroe who are trying to win over the incumbent, HISD Board President, Wanda Adams seat on the HISD district 9 board.

Elections will happen in a few weeks. Be sure to vote!

Episode 1: A Painted Bridge Too Far

Welcome to 610 News! In this pilot episode, we discuss alternative solutions to the rainy day fund, debate cocaine and plane budgets, wonder what Hugh Hefner is worth really, and double down on clown fears. Sadly, this was recording the day of the horrible event in Las Vegas, we have no words but will be reporting on its impact as it unfolds