Abhinav Kumar


Host of Ready Set Goals, 610 News

Abhinav Kumar first dipped his toes in Mocking Bird as co-host & producer of 610 News, a 2017 public affairs panel show. In 2019 he’s stepped up by making the website layout friendlier to mobile phone audiences, recruiting two new shows to the community (including the first one from Dallas), testing out a new live game show podcast, and preparing to launch a show about goal-setting & physical fitness for normal people. [Update 2019-05-08]: Right now he’s reading these two books.


Website, org strategy, Mocking Bird Network

Writer, reader, host, Grown-up Storytime

Co-host, producer, audio editor, 610 News

Guest performer, Neo Benshi

Graphics designer, copywriter, release campaign, Roofus & Friends


Rudyard’s British Pub, Houston

Numbers Night Club, Houston

The Secret Group, Houston

Avant Garden, Houston

Bohemeo’s, Houston

Baijan Persian Grill, Houston

Taft Street Coffee, Houston