Antoine W.B

Antoine W.B is a Houston-born improviser and improv coach. He is most commonly found performing at Station Theater, but has been known to perform at ComedySportz and local high schools. Antoine’s troupes have performed in a number of large improv festivals, including Chicago Improv Festival, Trill Festival, LA Diversity in Comedy Festival, and the Del Close Marathons.


  • The Can't Tell Us Nothing Podcast

Teams and Accomplishments

  • Contest4Improv4Humans Winner

  • Can’t Tell Us Nothing, member

  • 2H Club, member

  • Buckshot, member

  • Baby Knuckle, member

  • Station Theater Approved Coach

Festivals and Venues

  • Station Theater, Houston

  • ComedySportz, Houston

  • Coldtowne Theater, Austin

  • Chicago Improv Festival, Chicago

  • Del Close Marathons, New York

  • Alaska State Improv Festival, Juneau

  • LA Diversity in Comedy Improv Festival, Los Angeles

  • Improv Festival Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

  • Trill Comedy Festival, Houston

  • UCB Sunset, Los Angeles