Episode 13: The CTUN Podcast Live! w/ Space Rhyme Continuum

Can't Tell Us Nothing is back at Station Theater for another live podcast. Joining us this time is "The Greatest Hip Hop Improv Comedy Crew In The Omniverse" known as The Space Rhyme Continuum. Together we discuss the origin of the group, God's desire to run a small business, and a sign outside of Kiln, Mississippi.

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Apologies for the audio quality of this episode. We tried are best to make it as listenable as possible. We will keep an eye on those levels in the future.

Recorded April 27th, 2019

Episode 11: Antoine Hasn't Seen It (a.k.a. The Black List)

Can't Tell Us Nothing starts nailing down what makes a black movie a black movie, how Spike Lee pitches a family movie, and how churches know learn what to bet on.

Antoine is going to watch these movies before the next time we revisit the list. He may live tweet it while it does it. Watch @ctunimprov on Twitter to find out when that is!

Episode 10: Valentine's Day

Can't Tell Us Nothing discusses Valentine's Day, the value of being predictable, and how a man can balance family and being a provider.

Episode 06: Fun Affairs, Organs, and Haunted Doors w/ Brenda V.!

Brenda Valdivia joins us as we discuss what hospitals do with all the organs they take out, what happens when you stay at an AirBNB in East Texas, and the most infamous sidepiece in history.

Brenda’s Bio: http://www.mockingbirdnetwork.com/bios/#/brenda-valdivia/

Also catch her at Zinefest this month! https://www.zinefesthouston.org/

Episode 04: Photos

Can't Tell Us Nothing discusses candid vs real photos and explores the dangers of smiling, the secret tribes of clowns, and how to steal happiness.

Episode 03: Spiritual Journeys

Can't Tell Us Nothing discusses a recent trip Jon took to Hawaii and explores the workout plan for a robbery, the hottest club on top of a mountain, and what happens when a bird finds a necklace.

Episode 02: Reality TV

Can't Tell Us Nothing discusses Reality TV and explores what happens when you include all of the gods in your prayers, the benefits of starting conflict at work, and a story about a moss harvesting family.

Episode 01: Kanye

Can't Tell Us Nothing discusses the infamous TMZ rant by Kanye West and explores whether Historian is a real profession, Alfred's sick beats, and an elderly freestyle battle.