Stacey DAniels

Stacey Daniels has been a real Houstonian since the age of 19, she followed a silly boy to the inner-loop and has not looked back once. Her day job is a hair colorist and travels all over Texas teaching. She knows TSA agents by name in many airports and never has to remove liquids from her bags.

Not born naturally into the comedy world Stacey adapted quickly by taking improv classes at Beta theatre. That, combined with her unusual dating habits and lack of any discretion, has given her the inspiration she needs to share it all with the world. When not recording her podcast Relationshit, or writing sketch with the "comedy witches", she is very busy watching Bob's Burgers on Netflix. 
Stacey is a lover of the art scene in town and favors going to museum exhibits and restaurant openings if there is free food. Stacey has never turned down a cake pop, or a chance to show people her spanx. She is not yet married and has recently deleted her Tinder profile, so it may be a while. 


Teams and Accomplishments

  • Performer, Bootown's Grown Up Story Time and Neo Benshi
  • Co-Producer and Co-Writer, Stalk Show
  • Performer, So Like Basically

Festivals and Venues

  • Blanket Fort Stand-Up
  • Beta Theater