Stephanie Wittels Wachs

Stephanie Wittels Wachs  constantly complains that she’s doing too much. She is. Some of those things include opening Rec Room, a performance space and bar in downtown Houston, in June 2016. More recently, she and her business partner, Matt Hune, launched Rec Room Arts, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, to provide established artists, as well as young, fringe, and up-an-coming artists of all disciplines, a place to develop and perform new work. Prior to Rec Room, Stephanie taught acting and directed plays at The High School for Performing and Visual Arts for nearly a decade. She is a well-known voice over actress for Sentai Film Works and a writer who has been featured on Vox, Longform, Longreads, Huffington Post, Fatherly, Mamamia, and Babble. All of her writing can be found here

However, her two greatest accomplishments are having nearly every tweet liked by Haley Joel Osment and being Mom to three-year-old child prodigy, Iris. In that order.

She and co-host Abby Koenig created Hands Off Parents as an excuse to get drunk together during the day while their children ran free, destroying whomever’s house they recorded at that week. Somehow, they still have things to say.



  • Co-Owner, Rec Room

  • Managing Director, Rec Room Arts

  • Voice Over Actress, Sentai Film Works, ADV Films and Seraphim Digital.

  • Writer on Vox, Longform, Longreads, Huffington Post, Fatherly, Mamamia, and Babble

  • Reader/Writer, BooTown

  • Director, My So Called Mondays & Garbage Island @ Rec Room

  • BooTown Read/Writer