Episode 120 - Uh . . . I Think I Dropped It?

This week I had to deal with all kinds of bullshit I hate to do but must. Also, history repeats itself in the form of broken phones and fits thrown as I recall the time I had a not so positive reaction to breaking my phone. Did I mention I did it on purpose?

Episode 118 - Days of the Dead Charlotte 2019 Recap

I’m back from another convention and am here to tell you all the thrills and spills! I was in Charlotte for Days of the Dead for the second year in a row slinging books, and spreading the weird horror word to all who would listen. Also, the Cups steer the ship in this week’s reading.

Episode 117 - John Wayne and the 420 Flood

We got hit with some bad flooding in H-Town this week making for a very soggy situation, so i let you all in on what went down on my side of town. Then, I tell a story of past flooding and giant, icy dicks. Also, the Swords are keeping it sharp in this week’s reading.

Episode 116 - Scarefest 2019 in Lexington KY Recap

Holy Kentucky fried awesomeness! Scarefest in Lexington Kentucky was rad as hell, and in this episode I tell you all about the trip, and my triumphant selling out of books! Plus, The Emperor and Strength bring balance to this week’s reading.

Epiosde 115 - Houston Zine Fest 2019 Recap and Acid Bath

This week I stayed in good ol’ H-Town to table at my third Zine Fest, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Then, I took some acid and that was fun too! Also, Cups and Aces across the board in this week’s reading!

Episode 114 - My Recap of Days of the Dead in Louisville 2019

I’ve just returned to Wayne Manor from Louisville Kentucky where i was slinging books at another most excellent Days of the Dead convention, and now I’m gonna’ tell you all about it! What a time! Also, the Cups would like my undivided attention in this weeks Tarot reading.

Episode 113 - Hey Teach, Look at Me Now!

I’ve had some great and some not so great teachers in my lifetime, but I’ve also had a couple who would never in a million years believe I was doing what I currently am today. Sadly, it was myself who gave them the impression I would be an eternal slacker with bad intentions. Well, I understand why they would think that my senior year in high school, but look at me now! Right? Also, The Swords and Pages are getting us off to a good start on this week’s reading.

Episode 112 - KillerCon 2019 Recap and the Motel From Hell

I’m back from KillerCon 2019 with another load of adventures to share with you! These include me yelling at an old man, walking with a zombie, and nearly drinking dumpster beer. Just another day at the office for me. Also, Wands do the talking in this week’s tarot reading.

Episode 111 - Patty's, Panties, and Peelander-Z

On a Saint Patrick’s Day long, long ago the might Letters to Voltron met Peelander-Z on the drunkest of all holidays! We were ready to kick ass, but not as ready for the panty-avalanche that followed. Also, stick with the basics with the Six of Swords on this week’s reading!

Episode 110 - Scares That Care 2019 Recap (What I Can Remember)

I’m back from Scares That Care 2019, and what a time it was! As per the usual I give a recap of every con when I get back, and this is no exception. My memory may have some scenes missing here and there, but I do my best to put the pieces together. It was AWESOME! Also, I’m sitting in the court of Pentacles in this week’s reading.

Episode 108 - Sketch Comedy: The Devil Made Me Do It

This week I talk about how I got into doing sketch comedy with a group of plucky misfits called MicroSatan, and the connections you form with the people you work with creatively that bond you forever. Also, I’m throwing chaos magic all over the place while Kings and Swords come together in the cards for this week.

Episode 107 - LIVE Reading of Sinkhole

This week I performed a LIVE reading form my new novella, Sinkhole, at Wake the Dead Coffee in San Marcos, TX with some other awesome authors, and I recorded my performance to share with everyone on the podcast. Also, the Pages are bringing some strong, excitable energy in this week’s reading.

Episode 106 - Days of the Dead Indianapolis 2019 Recap

I’m back from Days of the Dead Indianapolis and what a time it was! This week I recap my experience less than eight hours after I got home, and talk about all the awesome interactions I had. Also, Swords of intellect and experience dominate this week’s reading!

Episode 104 - The Great Donks Adventure LIVE

A few weeks ago I told you all about my trip to Chicago for Printers Row Lit Fest including how I performed storytelling at the after party. On this episode I play the live audio from the performance where I regaled the room with the tale of The Great Donks Adventure, and how it will always hold a special place in my heart. Plus, Strength and Balance rule the cards in this week’s reading.

Episode 103 - I Can't Feel My Hands, I Can't Feel My Feet

Remember the good old days when smoking a blunt would get you all silly-like? What a time! This week I tell a story of the blunt that numbed all senses except for those of a Houston Police officer. Luckily, it was my friend’s dad, but the important thing is I didn’t learn any lessons. Also, the Wands won’t let me half-ass it while the Pentacles lay out the rest on this week’s reading.

Episode 102 - Printers Row 2019 Recap Adventure

I’m back from Chicago where I tabled at my second Printers Row with authors: Michael Allen Rose, Caleb Wilson, John Bruni, and Garret Schuelke. What a time we had, and to find out about that time check out my full recap of my latest Printers Row adventure. Plus, Pages and Pentacles are in the cards.

Episode 101 - Comicpalooza Hullabaloosers

This week I forget to turn the echo feature on my mic down so the whole episode is touched by reverb throughout. Sorry, or not sorry. Our story this week addresses my aversion to Comicpalooza, and how birthday cake became a trigger for me. Also, the Sun shines down through the Wands and Pentacles in this week’s reading!