Episode 121 - Baby's First Hang Over

This weekend I had a great time at a party, and then paid for it with a trip to hang over city. It reminded me of even worse hang overs from the past like the one I talk about in this weekโ€™s story. In this case what doesnโ€™t kill you makes you wish it would have.

Episode 103 - I Can't Feel My Hands, I Can't Feel My Feet

Remember the good old days when smoking a blunt would get you all silly-like? What a time! This week I tell a story of the blunt that numbed all senses except for those of a Houston Police officer. Luckily, it was my friendโ€™s dad, but the important thing is I didnโ€™t learn any lessons. Also, the Wands wonโ€™t let me half-ass it while the Pentacles lay out the rest on this weekโ€™s reading.

Episode 93 - Mr. Wayne's Wild Ride

I know we all learned to never take candy from strangers, but what about taking strangers to get candy? This week I tell a story about yet another dumb decision I made that could have killed me yet somehow I come away unscathed to fight another day!