Episode 109 - The Great Coffee Prank War

Back when I worked at Starbucks another store tried to prank us once. After a retaliation deemed by some as โ€˜overkillโ€™ we were never pranked again. Also, Hanginโ€™ with the Pentacles in this weekโ€™s reading!

Episode 108 - Sketch Comedy: The Devil Made Me Do It

This week I talk about how I got into doing sketch comedy with a group of plucky misfits called MicroSatan, and the connections you form with the people you work with creatively that bond you forever. Also, Iโ€™m throwing chaos magic all over the place while Kings and Swords come together in the cards for this week.

Episode 107 - LIVE Reading of Sinkhole

This week I performed a LIVE reading form my new novella, Sinkhole, at Wake the Dead Coffee in San Marcos, TX with some other awesome authors, and I recorded my performance to share with everyone on the podcast. Also, the Pages are bringing some strong, excitable energy in this weekโ€™s reading.

Episode 105 - A Snook in the Hand . . .

We all have had teachers who have motivated us through the interest they took, or the encouragement they gave. This week I tell a story about a teacher I had who motivated me through a very different manner. Plus, the Moon sets the tone of this weekโ€™s reading.

Episode 86 - I'm Not a Sportsman

We canโ€™t all be sportsman, right? This week I give some background into the recording of a classic Letters to Voltron record as well as learning when not to hang out in the pool with your band mate.

Episode 84 - Manifesting Paula Abdul

Is it possible to manifest physical objects into existence? Nothing useful, but mostly pop music pressed on a dead medium. Iโ€™m not sure, but I have a story where a nine-year-old me Straight Up may have made it happen. Plus, check out my NEW book, As Seen On T.V., from Grindhouse Press!