Episode 103 - I Can't Feel My Hands, I Can't Feel My Feet

Remember the good old days when smoking a blunt would get you all silly-like? What a time! This week I tell a story of the blunt that numbed all senses except for those of a Houston Police officer. Luckily, it was my friendโ€™s dad, but the important thing is I didnโ€™t learn any lessons. Also, the Wands wonโ€™t let me half-ass it while the Pentacles lay out the rest on this weekโ€™s reading.

Episode 92 - The Wizard Van: A Voyage

I always wanted a van with a wizard airbrushed on the side of it, and one day I achieved one half of that dream. This is the story of said vanโ€™s first voyage, and the magic required to get Letters to Voltron to the gig. Also, kings of love lay out a path in this weekโ€™s reading.