Episode 94 - Don't Be That Guy 2: Electric Boogaloo

I’ve just returned from an excellent time in Denver, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of my first trip there and my brush with death. This week I’ve decided to revisit the story of that fateful adventure and play a recording of me telling the story at the Houston Moth. Also, did I make it past TSA with my weed? Listen to find out . . .

Episode 93 - Mr. Wayne's Wild Ride

I know we all learned to never take candy from strangers, but what about taking strangers to get candy? This week I tell a story about yet another dumb decision I made that could have killed me yet somehow I come away unscathed to fight another day!

Episode 92 - The Wizard Van: A Voyage

I always wanted a van with a wizard airbrushed on the side of it, and one day I achieved one half of that dream. This is the story of said van’s first voyage, and the magic required to get Letters to Voltron to the gig. Also, kings of love lay out a path in this week’s reading.

Episode 91 - T.P. Identification Card

This week I delve back into my days as a mischievous youth hell-bent on not being convincing myself I wasn’t a giant pussy, and what better way to prove that than with some good old fashion vandalism. I might have jumped the gun at being a super villain though, because leaving my calling card was not the best move. Plus, this week’s reading has us dive into our subconscious while drinking out of cups!

Episode 89 - Better Late Than Starving

I have a horrible sense of direction, so of course when I was twenty-one I got a job as a delivery driver fro Jason’s Deli. Despite my shortcoming I figured it out, and it went on to be my most favorite job ever. They weren’t all winners though, and one evening I was swallowed up by a neighborhood for three hours trying to find the house. The end result was . . . not pretty.

Episode 88 - Eggs and Tape. What a Combo!

This week’s story comes from my younger days of getting into mischief. I guess to be honest we just invented new methods of mischief, and this is the story of one of those inventions. Also, pentacles with a cup come together in royal fashion in this week’s reading.

Episode 87 - Please Don't Look Behind Door Number One

This week I step back into my days as a clerk at the good ol’ software store, and how the unruly actions of myself and fellow co-workers may or may not have caused a District Manager to quit. Plus, wands and magic are flying around this week’s reading!

Episode 86 - I'm Not a Sportsman

We can’t all be sportsman, right? This week I give some background into the recording of a classic Letters to Voltron record as well as learning when not to hang out in the pool with your band mate.

Episode 85 - But Dude, You Friended Me

Despite the amount of weirdos and creepers on social media these days it’s still an amazing tool when used correctly. If you don’t like or agree with what someone says or does all you have to do is not look at their posts, right? It seems that’s not the case with a lot of people who feel the need to express why they don’t like it in venomous messages and unnecessarily scathing comments, which happens to be what our story is about this week.

Episode 84 - Manifesting Paula Abdul

Is it possible to manifest physical objects into existence? Nothing useful, but mostly pop music pressed on a dead medium. I’m not sure, but I have a story where a nine-year-old me Straight Up may have made it happen. Plus, check out my NEW book, As Seen On T.V., from Grindhouse Press!

Episode 83 - Days of the Dead Atalanta 2019 Recap

I’m back from Days of the Dead Atlanta 2019, and I’m ready to tell you all about it! Tune in to hear my breakdown of all three days along with all the weird, fuzzy parts in between.

Episode 82 - The Long, Drunk, Walk. A Donk's Prequel

Remember that time we went to Donk’s when johnwayneisdead was on tour? This week I give a detailed account of the events leading up to that glorious adventure including a walk to end all walks. Plus, my NEW book, As Seen On T.V., is out now from Grindhouse Press so check it out!

Episode 81 - Bizarrocon 11 Recap Adventures

I’m fresh back from my 6th BizarroCon in a row, which was the 11th overall, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. This is easily one of my favorite events every year, and this was no exception. Tune in to hear all about what a time I had!

Episode 80 - Captain Safety Patrol!

This week I tell a tale of my time as Safety Patrol Captain in fifth grade, and an innocent misstep that landed me in hot water with ‘the man’. Also, I get denied a table at a convention because of my ‘content’.

Episode 78 - First Third World Problems

A few years back I ventured waaaayyyy out of my comfort zone when I went on a trip to Nicaragua. As a guy who doesn’t enjoy doing ‘outside things’ you can imagine how it went. There were some bright times too, but I’d rather see the movie.

Episode 77 - How the Service Industry Ruined Christmas for Me

It’s the most wonderful time of the year . . . if you don’t have to deal with a million mouth breathers who have apparently never interacted with another human being. That’s right, this week I’m talking working in the service industry during the holiday season, and how it squeezes any of every form of good cheer from your entire being.

Episode 76 - Jekyll and Hyde Comic and Horror Con Recap

I’m fresh back from the 2018 Jekyll and Hyde Comic and Horror Convention, and am ready to tell you all about it. I detail the trip starting from Nick P and I leaving Houston and all the chili-drenched, hotdoggin’ good times along the way. What a time was had!

Episode 75 - In the Court of the Homecoming King

This week I look back into my high school days again at a time when I was introduced to the world of high school royalty in the form of the homecoming court. There was no way I would be nominated, but that was my name they called over the loudspeaker. I was caught off guard, out of my element, and dressed to depress, but from all of this a small spark of confidence was birthed.